Easy Exercise For Variegated Watercolour Washes

Easy Exercise For Variegated Watercolour Washes

Here's a 15minute video in which I'll show you an easy exercise to create the perfect variegated wash, blending from one colour to another in a seamless transition.

This is an essential technique for your under paintings, backgrounds and skies.

I'll demonstrate two variegated washes in a couple of simple landscapes. It's more fun this way and at the end you'll have a nice little artwork to show for it!

Key tips:

  • Wet your paper first
  • use a big soft brush (e.g. Hake or Mop)
  • work top down for first colour, and bottom up for second colour
  • be careful not to make your colours too watery (most beginners use too much water)
  • Let paintings completely dry between layers

Hope you enjoy the video and feel inspired to try it for yourself